The 5 Biggest Reasons You Need a Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle

The last few years have seen a sharp spike in the popularity of reusable water bottles as more and more people come to terms with the insurmountable effects of single-use plastic bottles.

The reusable water bottle revolution is here, thanks in part to their functionality, style, and eco-friendly credentials, with trendy and fashionable brands like Kool8 leading the way. There’s a lot to love about them — their nifty features, clever designs, fashion-forward touches, and never-seen-before choice.

When you carry one around with you, not only will you look stylish but it’ll also entice you to drink up — more so now that it’s easier than ever to refill your bottle.

Innovative drinking fountains and refill stations are found in nearly all American parks, schools, hiking trails, transport systems, and other public spots. And water dispensers are also mushrooming in cafes, entertainment hubs, restaurants, and retail shops.

Whether you’re in a boardroom meeting, hiking, cycling, commuting, or working out at a gym, a quality reusable water bottle is a quick, convenient, and sustainable way to ensure you stay properly hydrated throughout the day, all while not contributing to plastic waste.

Luckily, they don’t cost an arm and a leg, so you can snag an elegant, durable, and sturdy bottle that should provide you with years of daily usage at anywhere from $15 to $50.

Wondering why you should invest in one? We’ve compiled five of the most notable reasons why you need to own (and use) a reusable water bottle. Take a look!

Reason #1: The Planet’s Health

Single-use plastics are terrible for the environment and are hurting our planet at a catastrophic rate. Just get this: every single minute, 1 million plastic bottles are bought across the globe but only 9 percent ends up being recycled, according to Forbes

What happens to the rest? 

As National Geographic puts it, the vast majority – or 79 percent, to be precise – of single-use plastic finds their way into our landfills or, even worse, our oceans, lakes, marshlands, and other water bodies. The remaining 12 percent is typically incinerated.[Seem to be missing a statistic here. 79+12=91%. What about the other 9%?]

If that doesn’t sound alarming enough, one comprehensive study published in the journal Science Advances found that our oceans and landfills are chock full of around 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic trash. And that was back in 2017, which means the figure is more staggering given that every year an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic is sloughed off to form city-sized islands in our oceans.

If this trend continues, it’s expected that the yearly consumption of plastic bottles will top 500 billion units by 2021, marking an uptick of 20 percent from 2017. This gargantuan amount of plastics will not only outstrip our capacity to collect and recycle them but also jeopardize our coastlines, oceans, and other environments.

What’s even more frightening, experts forecast that, by 2050, 12 billion metric tons of plastic will be part of our landfills, the biggest chunk of which will eventually leak into our oceans, wreaking havoc on marine life. 

If we DON’T do something right now, plastic will outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050. At an individual level, the best way to play your part is to cut your single-use plastic usage, which is where owning a reusable water bottle might help.

There are plenty of reasons why reusable water bottles are good for our planet’s health and well-being.

They use less fossil fuel to make. Plastic bottles are resource-heavy during the production stage. In fact, around 17 million barrels of oil are utilized to manufacture over 50 million single-use plastic bottles in the US annually.

In comparison, 17 million barrels of oil can power close to 200,000 homes or fuel more than 1.3 million small vehicles for a whole year!

Ditching single-use plastics for reusable water bottles would certainly reduce fossil fuel dependency. This, in turn, will reduce greenhouse gas emission, air pollution, and plastic waste in landfills.

They are less likely to be thrown away. True, nothing will last forever, including your favorite stainless steel reusable water bottle. However, it’ll take years before it’s so worn out that you’re forced to toss it into the trash bin.

In the process, owning just one reusable water bottle will eventually save an average of 156 single-use water bottles from ending up in our landfills. That’s impressive environmental conservation efforts for a single purchase, so it can truly dent plastic wastage if more and more people join the bandwagon.

They protect aquatic life and conserve water. Using a reusable water bottle is important for sustainable water reservoirs. That’s because manufacturers use more water to make a single-use plastic bottle than what actually goes into that bottle to be sold. No matter how you look at it, this fact tips the balance against plastic use.

To matters worse, the biggest sources of most plastic bottled water are in regions with an insufficient supply of clean drinking water. Think this is far-fetched? In 2018, Pakistani government officials summoned the three largest bottled water brands – Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestle – for creating a water crisis in the country.

Let’s not forget that the final sink for plastic waste is the largest water body in the world: our oceans. What’s more disturbing is that plastic materials take approximately five centuries to decompose. In that time, plastic pollutants in our oceans kill an average of 1 million marine birds and 100,000 animals every year, according to the BBC.

They conserve the beauty and appeal of our shorelines and beaches. That’s right – about 73 percent of all litter found on our beaches is plastic, according to online publication Nature. The big chunk comprises plastic grocery bags and bottles, as well as polystyrene containers, bottle caps, and food wrappers.

So, if you like to visit your local beaches to take a refreshing swim, windsurf, kick back and relax or just soak up the sunlight, think again before you buy your next single-use plastic bottled drink.

You can turn this tide.  Instead of buying bottled water, opt for a topnotch reusable water bottle for all of your hydration needs.

The bottom line is that reusable water bottles are, in multiple ways, better for the health of our planet. They take less fossil fuel to make, emit fewer greenhouse gases, reduce plastic waste in our landfills, and save the lives of millions of marine creatures.

Reason #2: It’s Good for Your Health

Single-use plastic bottles aren’t just bad news for our planet; they are also potentially harmful to your health and well-being because they leach awful-tasting and dangerous chemicals into their content.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the preferred choice of plastic material for manufacturers of disposable bottles. It’s relatively strong, cheap, and can be easily molded into any shape. Other popular plastics used to make single-use bottles include HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PS (polystyrene), PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and LDPE (low-density polyethylene).

Numerous studies have shown that most of these plastics leach BPA (Bisphenol-A), antimony, DiNP (Diisononyl phthalate) or styrene, among other unsafe compounds.

Take antimony, for instance, which is responsible for the stale taste of plastic bottled water left in a hot environment. This chemical has been blamed for causing digestive problems, headaches, hormonal imbalance, and even nausea.

BPA is even more hazardous because it increases your risk for infertility, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, preterm birth, liver failure, and thyroid disease. It may also trigger asthma attacks and destroy brain cells.

Reusable water bottles, on the other hand, may be great for your fitness and health. That’s particularly true for bottles made from stainless steel and glass.

Stainless steel water bottles sport that elegant, refined, and modern look, but they’re also sturdy, weather-proof, and built to last for years despite constant use. Aside from being beautiful and less likely to break, they are also super-efficient – most of them can keep cold drinks cold and hot beverages warm for hours on end.

A classic stainless steel bottle like Kool8 can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, while hot drinks like tea or coffee can stay hot for more than 12 hours.

Glass bottles are also quite the lookers. They are transparent, which means you’ll know the level and cleanliness of water inside without much fuss. They also don’t leave that nasty metallic or plastic taste on your palate.

Reduce microplastics: With reusable plastic bottles, you can limit microplastics (MPs) in the air around you, which are well-known carcinogens. This is a massive deal considering that an average person consumes about 70,000 microplastics every year, according to a 2018 report by UK-based researchers.

MPs have also registered in bottled water and seafood as a result of plastic pollution. You can do your part and protect your health by using a reusable water bottle.

Know exactly what goes into your body: The first rule of a healthy lifestyle is to stay on top of what you consume. That’s never easy when you eat out, consume pre-packed meals, or drink commercial beverages.

Even with rigorous FDA laws, it can be hard to know precisely what’s in your bottled water, coffee, tea, juice, and other drinks. With a reusable water bottle, you are right in the driver’s seat – you’ll control the source of water and know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

No matter where you are in the developed world, you’re always within reach of safe drinking water. Drinking fountains, water dispensers, and even tap water are protected by very stringent local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Drink up for a healthier, happier life: When you carry a filled reusable water bottle around with you, it’ll make you more likely to drink water more frequently.

As you may already know, drinking plenty of fluids can do wonderful things for your mental and physical well-being. Mayo Clinic says that an average man should gun for 12 cups of fluids daily, while an average woman should take about 9 cups.

Given that water constitutes 60 percent of your body weight, staying well-hydrated provides numerous fitness and health benefits that include:

  • It lubricates your joints and cushions your joints, spinal cord, and related tissue
  • It helps get rid of toxins and waste via bowel movement, perspiration, and urination
  • It’s important for workouts, exercising, and intense training – muscles that don’t get properly hydrated can shrivel leading to muscle fatigue and injury.
  • It helps with digestion and keeps constipation at bay
  • It aids in nutrient absorptions, especially the much-needed antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • It maintains healthy blood oxygen circulation
  • It activates your metabolism, which is why it may play a role in weight loss
  • It helps control body temperature so you don’t overeat or suffer from hypothermia

Overall, a reusable water bottle puts you in charge of your hydration, allowing you to take more water and be more vigilant of what you drink. After all, bottled water is more likely to contain bacteria than tap water, according to an eye-opening report by UK Telegraph.

Reason #3: Easy on Your Wallet

Another fantastic reason why you should invest in a durable reusable water bottle is that using it can be a huge time- and money-saver in the long run. 

It is no secret that buying bottled water and other drinks repeatedly can add up pretty quickly. An average American spends around $5 on bottled water per week, which translates to about $200 annually. 

Funny enough, you’re paying much more money for the single-use plastic bottle than the price of water inside. In most cities and municipalities in the US, the cost of tap water is 2,000x cheaper than bottled water which comes in at around $9.50 per gallon.

That’s money you could be saving each year if you use a reusable water bottle for day-to-day hydration. In fact, that means you could save enough money in just four weeks of not buying bottled water to pay off the cost of your reusable bottle.

With so many noteworthy brands, the competition in the reusable water bottle market is cut-throat, which is always good news for the consumer. The best water bottles like Kool8 will set you back between $25 and $50, and that’s a one-off price for years of hassle-free usage.

The icing on the cake is that you can also save lots of money if you frequently buy takeaway tea, coffee, latte, and other beverages when you carry your own reusable bottle. Most cafés, restaurants, and coffee shops give you a discount, coupon, or other incentives for bringing your own mug, cup, or bottle to fill.

Reason #4: They Last

Related to reason #3, reusable water bottles, particularly those crafted from stainless steel, will last you pretty much forever.

Stainless steel bottles boast a modern look that’s stylish and timeless. They are also sturdy, eco-friendly, and pretty versatile, all of which can make them incredibly durable. They’re also non-corrosive and weather-resistant.

Believe it or not, a well-designed constructed stainless steel bottle can last well over 10 years.

No matter what you put in it, a well-insulated stainless steel bottle can retain heat for hours. You can keep chilly water, hot coffee, or fizzy juicy; the bottle is impressively versatile and built to withstand multiple elements.

Another great reason why stainless steel bottles are durable is that they are easy to wash and maintain. The big majority are dishwasher safe, unlike plastic bottles which will disintegrate when exposed to high heat.

If you are like the best of us, zero-waste, minimalism, and sustainability are top of your mind. Creating as little waste as possible helps you bring down your carbon footprint as well as spruce up your quality of life through minimalism. That’s exactly what you get when you integrate a reusable water bottle into your daily life.

Reason #5: They Reflect You

Owning a reusable water bottle shows you to be an eco-conscious warrior who truly cares about their health and the world. Spending mindlessly on single-use plastic bottled water can ruin our planet, our ecosystems, and ourselves.

Carrying a snazzy reusable water bottle can also add character and oomph to your personality and overall lifestyle. Use a certain color or design to make a bold statement, whether it’s social or fashion.

And given that there are so many types of reusable water bottles, it’s easy to get one that will best suit your personality and style.

For example, you can get a stainless steel bottle in a bright color like red, green, or yellow to showcase your effervescent and daring personality. Still, bottles in neutrals like green, gray, beige, or brown can fit any personality.

If you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker, you can go for a double-insulated stainless steel bottle or mug to satisfy your caffeine cravings throughout the day.

Whatever your preferences may be, there’s always a reusable water bottle that’s ideal for you. Having the perfect bottle with you will add more pizzazz to your life, plus you can effortlessly stay hydrated throughout the day.


The bottom line is that reusable water bottles are, in multiple ways, better for you and our planet. They take less fossil fuel to make, emit fewer greenhouse gases, reduce plastic waste in our landfills, and save the lives of millions of marine creatures. 

Stylish and functional, they not only look great but can also save you money and last pretty much forever. Moreover, they are a great way to showcase your personality.