Want To Add A Little Extra Kick To Your Water? Try These Fun Options!


It’s no secret that drinking enough water is important for your health, fitness, and more, but so many things keep us from staying properly hydrated. 

Your schedule might be extra hectic or perhaps you’d rather be drinking something with a little zing, especially sugary drinks, cocktails, and coffee.

We get it: water can sometimes taste unappealingly bland. However, it’s crucial that you drink plenty of water every day. Luckily for you, there are many ways you can add an extra kick to your water and drink up!

Read on for fun, easy, and wallet-friendly ways to spice up your H2O game.

1- First things first – Invest in a high-quality, appealing water bottle

A refillable water bottle is the ultimate hydration tool, as it allows you to drink up anytime and anywhere you want. And with a growing number of water filling stations popping up across the country, drinking enough water has never been more convenient, easier, and more hassle-free.

You can find refilling stations pretty much everywhere, from sports bars, restaurants, and shopping malls to schools, office buildings, and public spaces. If you have always struggled with staying adequately hydrated, especially when you have a busy schedule, a reusable water bottle is your easy ticket.

But the key is to make sure your water bottle is appealing enough, giving you the incentive to carry it with you wherever you go. That’s why we think a stylish stainless steel water bottle in your favorite design will do the trick.

Of course, there are plenty of tangible reasons why stainless steel bottles are far superior to those made using plastic or even glass.

It’s a viable solution to our overreliance on plastic: Each year, we dump more than 12.7 million metric tons of plastic in our precious oceans, where they get entrapped and form city-sized trash islands. 

Did you know that the biggest collection of floating trash and marine plastic debris, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is currently estimated to be the size of Russia? This trash patch is home to over 1.8 trillion bits of microplastics, mainly from water bottles and fishing gear, as well as bottle caps, plastic bags, and Styrofoam cups. 

If we don’t change our current trend of widespread plastic use, the United Nations Ocean Conference predicts that our oceans will have more plastic by weight than actual fish. Thankfully, stainless steel water bottles can help you stop using single-use plastic water bottles. That’s one win for both you and the ocean!

It’s crucial that every one of us should play a role, no matter how small, to stop the damage our ravenous appetite for plastic is having on our ocean. By beginning with something as trivial as buying and using a stainless steel bottle, you’re not just upping your hydration game but also committing to making an eco-friendly choice.

It’s stylish and easy to personalize: Stainless steel bottles come in a vast variety of colors and designs, so it’s super easy to pick one that will match your sense of style and personality.

A premier bottle like Kool8 not only offers a sleek, modern design but also comes in cool colors (such as mint green, fiery red, and slate gray). It doesn’t matter if you’re a bold trendsetter or someone who loves to keep things classic, this is one bottle you’ll want to take with you everywhere you go.

Say goodbye to BPA: Although FDA has banned BPA from baby products, it has not followed suit with everyday plastic bottles. That means your best shot is to skip plastic bottles altogether, in favor of a stainless steel bottle.

Saves you money: Most of us spend around $5 weekly on bottled water. Just by switching to a stainless steel bottle, you could save thousands of dollars each year. After all, bottled water is as much as 300 times more expensive than tap water.

And given that a stainless steel bottle retail below $50 a unit, this is one useful and eco-friendly gem that will pay you back many times over.

Its usage goes way beyond holding drinking water: A well-made and fully insulated (think Kool8 bottle here) can help you carry pretty much anything you want to keep hot or cold for 12+ hours. This can be hot soup, your favorite loose tea, coffee, iced macchiato, or even snacks.

It doesn’t retain flavors: One of the most impressive reasons to choose a stainless steel bottle is that it doesn’t carry over the flavors of the content. More so, it’s easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to switch between drinks and snacks as you want.

The bottom line is that having a reusable water bottle with you can help you drink more water throughout the day. With it, you can easily drink up in any setting, whether at school, work, or home, or you’re running errands.

When you see it on your desk, table, or in your hand, you’ll be instantly reminded to drink up and stay hydrated. That may seem trivial at first but it works like a charm, especially if it’s a fancy bottle that you’re proud of.

2- Carbonate your WaterPhish 

Once you have purchased a reusable water bottle that’s stylish, reliable, and easy to use, it’s time to add a little oomph to your drinking water. And one of the best ways to add pizzazz to your water is to carbonate it!

There’s a good reason Americans can’t seem to divorce from their soda pops. When that fizzy, tingling, and refreshing sensation hits your taste buds (and nose), there’s no feeling quite like it. The good news is that home water carbonator machines are dirt cheap nowadays, with the average price staggering at around $20.

These carbonators are a nice addition to your home or office kitchen, as they can double up as a water sparkler or soda maker. As well as taking your water sparkling game to the next level, you can carbonate practically any drink, from cocktails and wine to juices and much more. You can even re-fizz your flat drinks or beer.

3- Add Tantalizing Fruits to your Water

water bottle

Fruits can add some pep and a dose of vitamin goodness to your water, supercharging your hydration routine. The fruit essence will linger in your mouth, reminding you minute after minute to take one more sip.

But don’t limit yourself to berries, grapes, apples, and the usual suspects.

Liven up your drinking with a dash of fresh lemon juice with a few pieces of cucumber, lemon slice, and perhaps mint. This delish water infusion is also an excellent detoxifier.

If you’re after classic water taste enhancers, you can never go wrong with citrus beauties like oranges, limes, or lemons. It helps that they’re packed with vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, and other micronutrients.

Don’t forget that other fruit flavors can also entice your taste buds. You can crush some fresh watermelon, raspberries, or pomegranate into your bottle. Fresh peppermint or hibiscus can also add a refreshing touch, too – particularly in summer.

4- Add a Dash of Juice to your Water

Yes, you can use any juice to add a kick to your water. Just like fruits themselves, juices are not only tasty and tempting but also packed with good-for-you vitamins & minerals.

Your options here are limitless as well. Any fruit juice can make a fantastic base flavor in your drinking water. But apple juice, grape juice, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, and other tart juices can really take deliciousness to the next level.

Be careful here; you don’t want to jam your otherwise healthy water with lots of empty calories. It’s best to opt for all-natural (preferably organic) juices with no added preservatives or sugars. And remember – you can always try exotic juices.

5- Ice Up

If you find plain old H20 to be a yawn, you can get really creative with ice. After all, the vast majority of people prefer the taste of ice water over room temperature water.

If this sounds like you, be sure to sneak in some ice cubes (4-6 ice cubes should be enough). Not a fan of plain ice, as well? You can try flavored ice cubes to make your water taste even more delicious.

Use low sugar flavorings when preparing your ice cubes, lest you spoil your hydration with empty calories. Most users say grapes, berries, and citrus flavors make the best ice cubes and encourage you to drink more water.

This is also a good exclusive to experiment with different flavors and styles, including cucumber, mint, and even fresh fruit. Simply chop your mint, cucumber, or peeled fruit, and add them to your ice cube tray then power some water over them.

If you’re feeling a little daring, try making ice cubes from your favorite coffee, tea, or juice. For even more creative ideas, try making fun-shaped ice.

6- Add Quick Flavor

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to boost the taste of your water, you may also consider low sugar flavorings, flavor cartridges, and drink mixes.

Bottoms up to a better hydrated, healthier, and happier you!